Raid Wars is a story of food and vengeance. And also not blowing up your house in the process. 

Strap in for an explosive conflict between three extra-smart mice who have very specific taste and a guy who stocks the fridge. With simple tilt controls, beautiful visuals and twisted level design it’s an Apple-featured product to look out for. Traverse the dangers of every room in the house and then dive into user-generated levels for endless puzzle-solving fun!


  • On-device level editing tool for unlimited play-time and content creation
  • Simple tilt controls are easy to get addicted to and are hard to master
  • Different height levels, surfaces and many more obstacles!
  • Nasty bugs to catch and get extras!

Long Sword is a product oriented team of creative and business professionals, established in Tallinn, Estonia. We are passionate about developing market-fit products with a level of quality we can be proud of. Our first IP as a team got featured by Apple, and our separate projects have been a success in many other fields. We are always on look-out for new and exciting projects where we can apply our skill set at full extent.